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So, I’m kind of discouraged with getting into the style gallery because it hasn’t happened yet. Are my clothes too ordinary? Any advice???

posted about 9 years ago
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I know that actually is not a big problem, but it’s a tiny detail which concerns me a lot, and makes me cry and feel useless. Yes, I am talking about the Style Gallery.
Some of us probably know how difficult it is to make it to the style gallery, but I probably make a bigger fuss than needed.
Anyway. I’ll explain why. The gallery means a lot to me, as it represents the recognition of my work. Because believe me, I work really hard for Chictopia. I have a lot of studying, as next year I’ll be giving my final exams, I have to not leave my writing behind, and I spend almost three hours everyday taking my pictures in the cold, jumping in my heels. You’re gonna tell me “don’t be grumpy about it, because you choose it, it’s something you love.” God knows how much I love it!! And that’s the reason why I need to be “reassured” in some way!!
But here’s the point: some of my outfits, with one or zero favorites, used to make it to the gallery, and many others too. Now, my last three looks, (you’d think the snowflake sweater is unlucky!!) didn’t make it. Current number of favorites: 21, 43, 9, 7 etc. They would have even made it to the front page, but they couldn’t, as they are not into the gallery. That has happened to many of my old looks, but I am obsessing with the latest three, because… well, when I don’t like a look I always tell you. But these three, I liked them, and I believe you, who are always so sweet with me, did too. I don’t mean to sound self-confident, on the contrary, sometimes I feel really self-conscious. But I feel it depends on luck, whether you’re getting on the gallery or not. Sometimes I feel… everybody has made it during the day, apart from my new look.
That makes me feel so useless, I feel that my pictures are crap, my style is crap, I mean everyone does it and I can’t. There are periods when everything makes it, and I feel so grateful and calm, and then I become so sad and self-conscious, and I spend my days crying.
I really wish that would change. I mean, when people vote and favorite, it can’t mean that you don’t deserve a tiny position in the gallery…

posted over 7 years ago

For some reason your chicblog won’t load for me, so I can’t give you any input based on observation. But based on what you and others have said, if you favor a more “ordinary” style, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s what you’re comfortable with… And I do think you have a place here at chictopia, but if you would rather be part of a community where most members wear more everyday clothes, maybe you can try or (the latter seems more geared toward younger girls).

Before I found chictopia recently, I used both of those sites, but they just didn’t do it for me. My dress style is very experimental and creative, and most people on those sites just didn’t get it, and were even rude about it sometimes. I will warn you that they’re tough critics and some of them aren’t very tactful. The fundamental misunderstanding I had with them was that they aren’t into high fashion, alternative or experimental fashion, so much as popular everyday fashion. And anything that doesn’t fall within that narrow category is too “weird” for them, or “looks like a costume” (a comment I got a lot).

But, the upside is that if you just want to wear everyday clothes but wear them in a stylish way, they’ll give you helpful advice on how to improve your outfits. They have a good eye for what will be considered “trendy” by the general public, and are more about looking good to other people than fashion for fashions’ sake.

posted over 7 years ago
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