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do you wear a lot of accessories or none at all?
are they the main focus of your outfit or an afterthought?
what do you consider to be some basic, must-have accessories (what’s your go-to item)?
what accessories do you dislike?
what is your favorite accessory or one you covet?

personally i don’t like a lot of accessories just because i feel restricted and they get in the way. i don’t get overcomplicated with it but i admire those who can pull it off. i usually just wear earrings or a necklace if i think of it. i like belts, especially interesting ones, and love seeing them used creatively. i also went through a scarf phase, but the 50s way not the recent hipster trend. i don’t wear hats, they look awkward on me and my head must be abnormally shaped or something. i think a good bag and/or pair of shoes can make jeans and a tshirt look like an outfit. i drool over a lot of expensive shoes but i don’t buy them. my favorite jewelry items are those that were given to me (especially ones that were handmade). my go-to is a classic leather bag and leather belt, and maybe some stud earrings. that quickly helps me go from frumpy boyfriend look to something a little more pulled together.
bottom line: i like to keep it simple.

posted over 9 years ago
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Accesories for me highly depend on the mood. I may use a lot of them, use some (usually, it’s ring/rings and necklaces) or do ont use it at all. All what is important is not to spoil the look.

posted over 8 years ago
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