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Updated on Apr 23, 2009

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WUTIMBASIC on January 17
I shopped from US, Italy, and Australian sites no matter where my location was. Nowadays many big shopping sites ship internationally.... but if you're looking for rare prints I suggest touring vintage/thrift shops. I'd love to shop at Ebay! I did look up things already on Ebay, but they're not on the top part of my shopping list yet... :)
WUTIMBASIC on January 17
The gold jacket, gold cat mask, and blue shimmery pants look so pretty together! Your purple jacket is great for its harmonious gold buttons and shiny inner fabric with a complementing color!
KouUsagi on July 05
You look gorgeous! And I also love to shop at ebay. :D
mimoji on May 31
We don't have Pimkie here but their website has some really cute clothes, and quite a few pairs of gladiator sandals (of course, I don't know about the quality of the clothes, and 24.95 euros is a bit steep for me as an american college student.)
vianacoke on May 17
are those zigi soho shoes? i think i have the same ones! tres chic!
da_Di on May 08
love the shoes!!!!!
tingaling on May 03
tip: try! I know what you mean, ive been planning to go to hamburg for ages, saving up enough money so i can go to only urban outfitters in germany! lol
mila on May 02
WOW this is amazing!
denisedenies on May 01
im confused too! that the editor been changed too?
mv_erazo on May 05
I was just wondering this too
MellowKitty on April 28
p.s. i'm confused now. i thought you where british. but now i see Germany in your post and your profile locasion says San fran.
MellowKitty on April 28
I live all the way in the Caribbean and have to have stuff like Nine west gladiators shipped to me. Luckily I've found a loophole haha. if I know someone going to the US I have them bring my parcel . But obviously that isn't always possible so I've paid crazy shipping fees. Once I bought a pair of shoes which cost $90 and had to pay an extra $60 just for shipping and taxes. Grr..
freedyriver on April 27
your hair is so small!
styleseeking_nesli on April 27
This article just reminds me once again why I should start looking on ebay rather than trying to find unique things in a country which is so much smaller than Germany. And with embarrassement I admit that I walk into New Yorker once in a while, hoping I'd find some basics that don't scream tacky. :)
synthetic_audio on April 24
Yep. Nobody gives a shit in Holland, so I have some of the same problems. But, I can usually find what I want, with some exceptions which I get online. :)
Bex99 on April 23
This is fantastic! I'm so in love wiv the first pic!
lissakahayon on April 23
Nice collection of shoes and clothes!!!
san on April 23
maggiemay on April 23
gorgeous! living in a provincal northern town in england can be hard on the shipping!
coldlight on April 23
ooo cool shoes!! ahhh i wish i could buy clothes online from other countries but because i live in australia i think the shipping costs would be very high and maybe not worth it even if you find bargains!!
FriChic on April 23
Oh, living in Eastern Europe is even worst. There aren't even stores like Zara and H&M here and most online stores don't ship to me :( Americans are so lucky for all the choices they have, just click, click and voala... Love those studded sandals!!!
Amandas_Armoire on April 23
I'm from America and I shop online from other countries
PeachyMomo on April 23
Wonderful shoooesss.
sallycee on April 23
i have the same problem, here in argentina (the other side of the world) we have really cool local brands with so many beautiful pieces.. but sooo fing expensive that i end up buying things via ebay to US and with the high shipping cost+tax is still cheaper... how crazy is that?
chaneldoll on April 23
i loove those shooes.amazing;)
WickedPlumVintage on April 23
those pants are amazing, the shoes are fierce, love the blazer with it!!!
libys11 on April 23
fabulous pieces! :D

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