J'ai trop chaud devenir à la mode.

Updated on Apr 28, 2009
Express blazer - Madewell 1937 shirt - Theory pants - Nine West shoes
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kt_krazy 's Thoughts:

93 degrees. WTF. And this is what I wore!!! I’m seriously crazy. I was a hot, hot mess by the end of the work day. Then I got stuck on the T underground with no a/c. Lots of bodies and a little too much BO to bear.

I apologize for my lack of chicness. The thing is, I think I lost my desire to be chic. I’m not quite sure where I dropped it, but one thing’s for sure, it’s gone. Haha. The thing is, “being chic” means looking good in what you wear. It does not mean you need to be wearing rompers or floral dresses or leather jackets (though I’d absolutely love to be wearing any one of these). It’s definitely fun to play with trends, but at the end of the day, you have to look good in your own clothes. We’re not all Agyness Deyn, despite my ongoing battle with wanting to be extremely tall (at least 6’1) and thin (I mean THIN).

For one thing, I like my boobs. Sometimes I want to slice them off like deli meat because I look fat in certain clothes. Things just don’t hang on me the way they do on models because there are two C cup mounds that warp drapage like crazy. I still like them because I am an Asian woman who was lucky enough to get away from the Asian A curse! I like that my face isn’t really pretty. I like that it’s kind of awkward and sometimes interesting to look at. I’m just lucky that things look in proportion. I hate my hips. My first child is going to bungee jump out of that mother. There will be no prenatal drugs, it will just fall out. My butt is flat. This has to be my number 1 pet peeve. I have a big flat butt. It’s not perky, it’s not cute. Nothing. I do squats and lunges and the butt machines at the gym. Nothing. My next step is getting butt implants. My legs are ok. Somethings they feel a little thick, but I have athletic legs that will never be stick thin (BIG SAD FACE). Sorry, that’s just my irrational subconscious wanting to be a waif. There is nothing I can do about the build of my legs. They are thick and muscular and strong. They will not be bean poles unless I starve myself and the good Lord knows that will NEVER EVER happen.

:sigh: Ignore all my ranting. I really just don’t want to study. Hmmm… the Celtics and Bulls are playing right now. I get to watch it on the television, the Boy gets to watch it at the Garden. Lucky prick.

Whatev. I’m over it.

- Katie

Comments (21)

SarahJaneR on December 14
great blazer and shoes!
kdolph17 on May 06
really like the summer feel, I know how you feel about the legs but You're are great hun, cheer up
Mikimic on May 03
simple but very very chic!
BeijingBelle on April 30
I honestly think this look is VERY chic! I wouldn't have known you had lost desire to be chic if I hadn't read it. You're good as you are, but don't feel helpless. Keep working your glutes and there's no way they won't improve. You're thin too, but if you want to be thinner, it's possible! Don't lose hope.
inKARLcerating on April 30
veryyyyyyyyy neat! awww dear! i have my low self esteem days as well.. it could happen when my zit is too many to count or i feel small.. fat.. just dont drown on it too much ok? yer a star! mwah
kt_krazy on April 30
thanks baby. <3
ladynred on April 30
i love this !
etoiles on April 29
cute, i like the white blazer! ahh man... too many women suffer the asian a curse including myself lol you are lucky!
san on April 29
NICE OUTFIT ! love the blazer xx
calivintage on April 29
i totally go through and dissect myself in the same way, but in the end, i think you're right to appreciate your body and your style because you really do look amazing. this outfit is classy and chic and it works soooo well. and nobody even notices all the little things that you focus on, you know?? keep on posting! you'll always be chic even if you don't try!!!!
ishayshaixa on April 29
i so love the shoes!
1234565 on April 29
such a cool outfit!! love it.
genna on April 29
Oh beautiful i know exactly how you feel. i have big D mounds and draping is a nightmare, my legs are like your as is the hips. but then we alll come to realise everyone is different, we all learn to fit our body types and people love who we are not what we are :) i instantly favourited this photo before i even read it, so let your natural beauty show and be proud! xoxo
thriftnstyle on April 29
You look amazing, dear. We all have moments like this. And it's prolly human nature to want things you do not have, and sometimes, vice versa. I have a relatively big butt and I kind of hate it even if people say it looks hot on me. And yes, I want your boobs:D
ajyums on April 28
i think your body looks great and you have very chic style!dust it off,dear!we all have moments like this.
Bex99 on April 28
lolz! What are you on about u look gorgeously chic!
libys11 on April 28
hey. cheer up! im a size 8-10 and 5ft tall. pretty stout, eh? but even though i can't totally pull off skinny jeans with my huge thighs, i know i look greater in cute dresses that other people have such a hard time to pull off. there will always be something to rant about our imperfections, but to hell with that. no one's perfect. you're lovely the way you are, my dear.
KatrinaJ on April 28
"At the end of the day, you have to look good in your own clothes", as well as feel good in your own skin, girl! Super cute, love the white, <3
nixbix on April 28
love the simple and chic outfit!
songofstyle on April 28
whenever u want to slice ur boobies u can always give meeh some of urs.. sharing is love.. lol
storets on April 28
And I love your style and enjoy seeing your photo every day! (although I don't leave you comments very often, I do rate 'chic' without a second thought!) I think you interpreted trendy or quirky items in a very classy, your own style, which is really brilliant! xxx
storets on April 28
wow, you are far better than you think of yourself! You have a fantastic sense of fashion, charming face, and good figure! Personally, I like women with curves and your legs are not thick at all! and you have really good proportion. I guess that's more important than height. would you be look good if you are tall but with a giantic face and short legs? You look gorgeous as you are!
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