Time After Time

Updated on Nov 23, 2015
black Aldo boots
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I love Squarespace. I truly do. It took years to get here but my blog finally looks exactly the way I want it to - but, of course, there is a but, because Squarespace has a few bugs. First of all, it likes to publish my scheduled posts a day earlier than I want it to, when they are blank because I do everything at the last minute. (For those of you who saw these photos yesterday morning - sorry.) And second, it has developed a habit of resetting while I am in the middle of writing a post, without saving what I've written. I am typing this after having just lost the entire text of this post, and if I'm being honest, I simply don't remember enough of what I had written to recreate it. There are the perils of the internet, of course, and a big part of the reason that I hand write the first drafts of my books - because there is no way to recreate a text you've already written in its exact form after you've lost it. I've learned this a thousand times over - once, very painfully, during finals week in university, when my brother and his friends accidentally wiped the hard drive on our parents' computer, deleting all of my mostly finished term papers - and one that, I'm sure, I'll continue to learn for the rest of my life. The original text of this post was about watches, and how, after giving them up in late high school, when I was bored beyond reason (and realized that checking my watch every two minutes in class was in fact doing the opposite of making time pass more quickly), I rediscovered what wonderful accessories they make last year - and have since collected four, most recently this pastel beauty from Cluse. I've recently started experimenting with layering bracelets with my watch - not exactly revolutionary, perhaps, but I'm not reinventing the wheel, I'm just getting dressed every morning - and I have to admit, it's opened up some pretty cool possibilities in my existing wardrobe. What accessories are you loving this season?

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hazelkrisferrando on November 27
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