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Updated on Dec 11, 2015
tan Sorel boots
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cocoandvera 's Thoughts:

What could be more Canadian than Sorel boots and a Hudson's Bay blanket? It's hard to say - but when it comes to fashion, I've been an aspiring parisienne since I was six. Even though I grew up in Winnipeg, which is frequently the coldest place in Canada during the winter months, I categorically refused to wear Sorel boots. These photos mark the first occasion that I have ever taken part in the Canadian tradition of wearing enormous - and eminently practical - winter footwear. I have a feeling that my parents, once they get over their shock, will have one of these photos framed for posterity. (Although come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen either one of them wearing Sorels, either...!) I know you're all asking yourselves, What changed? The answer is, two things. First of all, I may have grown up in Winnipeg but I've lived in Vancouver and Paris for most of the past ten years, which means the only time I really experience snow is on our occasional trips to Whistler, where we took these photos. It is amazing how quickly you forget how to walk on slippery sidewalks! But when I replace my usual high heeled ankle boots with Sorels, suddenly I can walk wherever I want without worrying about twisting my ankle (and yes, I know, that should have been obvious, but my attachment to my heels is stubborn and sometimes irrational.) Secondly, am I the only one who has noticed how much cuter Sorel boots have gotten? I grant, they're still heavy snow boots, but the pairs we're wearing are a far cry from the hulking purple and pink boots I remember my classmates trudging around in when I was a kid. Most of the credit for this outfit has to go to Lyndi, though - there's no one else in the world who could have convinced me that I would like these boots if I just tried them. We had so much fun on weekend getaway in Whistler, and I have lots more photos to share from our adventures (which included lots of quality time with Lyndi's pup, Madison - isn't he the cutest?) to share next week! Happy Friday, my darlings!

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Nicola_Anisca on December 29
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