Guest Blogger | mwa_mwa | Did You Say Kawaii?

Updated on May 30, 2009

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anonymours on November 13
very cute
only_cheapclothes on October 13
this girl is sooooooo KAWAII!!!
jessemudd on July 26
great post!
yourmess on May 31
I'm from Tokyo and honestly used to hate the "kawaii" culture when I lived there. But now that I'm not living there anymore I find myself aww-ing to Hello Kitty and the likes. Embarrassing? Only when I'm home... ha.
twinkl on May 31
Ah, the influence of advertising... I want to go to Japan sooo badly... I'm imagining a colorful assortment of insane street fashion.
rattie_an on May 31
love this post so cute and inspire
coldlight on May 31
love this post!! i absolutely love japanese fashion... i wish i could go there someday!
classytrash on May 30
i loved this post =)
WickedPlumVintage on May 30
very fascinating and insightful post! i have never been to Japan myself, but even over here in the US you can definitely get the sense of country-wide cuteness in Japan, in advertising, tv shows, manga, etc...

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