summertime gothic

Updated on Jul 27, 2008

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lemuria on March 07
this skirt is absolutly beautiful!!
EcLEcTic_Misery on July 14
ayaya just what i need in my life!
ginagirl on November 08
Love the buttoned up skirt!
shummy on August 20
Love love LOVE this! I'm in need of some "floofier" clothing and this is great inspiration! Yay for men's clothing!
Maeko on August 20
I have those shoes in taupe and I rather love them! (Except I call the colour "Skin" because they're as dark as I am.)
KyrasThreads on August 13
I <3 this..
rosiehart27 on August 04
When you put up with summers like this year after year, I think us Brits have a right to moan about the weather! Loving the style... x
MichelleYue on August 01
summertime goth is awesome. And I think I have that skirt... o_0
Miss_Woo on August 01
Glad to see that you're already starting with the black for Summer! I defo need more black in my wardobe, as I always end up being attracted to wimpy grey!
Trashforce_Reaper on July 30
My gothic summertime solution is to wear a black jersey maxiskirt. It's loose enough and thin enough to be comfortable but it hides my pasty legs. Damn the unpredictable London weather, though. I'm never prepared for the sun.
moonovermagarao on July 30
great point about the skirts! fuller skirts do ride up with the tiniest gust of wind. i love summer but hate the fact that i can't layer.
rosielamodevogue on July 29
this look is one of my favorites!
Malinapoo on July 28
you wear black so chicly!
wafflekingbetch on July 28
lovelove the skirt :))
swampstress on July 28
Love the outfit - and how interesting about the ginger gene?! Apparently you are also more resistant to anaesthetics as well! Xxx
Andrea on July 28
I love it!
bnosaires on July 27
love it!
CoverMe on July 27
I love this look on you!
umyeahno on July 27
that skirt is perfect. I always fear the wind when not wearing pants
irides on July 27
Like pearbreath, I'm totally with you about the weather. I have less of an excuse, methinks, because I am asian. Excellent outfit, btw.
Noir on July 27
I like so much. The shoes w socks and the skirt, very nice!
pearbreath on July 27
This is so good. I'm definitely with you on the weather thing. I'm a natural brunette though, so I have no excuse.
EverybodyIsUgly on July 27
I am totally all about the summertime gothic. Although blaming it on genetics is a new one. Oh kirsty, always thinking...
kirstylee on July 27
I have an answer for everything. Just checked tomorrows weather. It is 30 ºC (86 in your speak). I am going to die...
Clementine on July 27
I need to had those as my favorites photos. I totally love the idea and outfit
Fashionreloading on July 27
I totally get you with the whole black thing, i'm so veering towards black at the moment. I love this outfit those shoes are hot =]

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