feeling flat?

Updated on Aug 03, 2008

Comments (8)

1234565 on December 29
love this outfit. really stylish
trousertea on August 06
This laidback outfit makes my laidback outfit look like lazy slob land, haha. Very nicely done, and I love the shoes
Allhailthequeen on August 05
Very chic
louise_bm on August 04
great outfit, I far prefer wearing heels as I like the extra bit of height (helps when you are about 5'3 like me) but my flats as easier to wear and therefore get worn more often
lydia on August 04
love it. I'm all about flats, even though I'm 5'2.5, so I say more power to you! Where are your boots from?
sefi on August 04
great scarf, i got it also
Noir on August 04
I love this outfit with these shoes. I've the same problem with the heels...
EatingGlass on August 03
That's a perfect laidback outfit!

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