How to get any stuff in the cheapest way?

Updated on Aug 06, 2009
thrifted blouse - mbk jeans - Chinatown necklace - Lovely shoes shoes
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Soulclaire 's Thoughts:

I come with the soft light lace today…… It’s my new blouse which i get from thifted kiosk around my neighborhood.In fact,it’s a dress and then i cut it to be only top..

Some of u question about how i always get a great finds in the cheap prices.I will let u know today =)

1 Living in the developing country is the great benefit to spend money in the low currency rate.That’s why i got 3-5 bucks thrifted dress or any thrifted stuff.But !! you know it’s not a benefit all the times because i cant spend much more on international brand like Zara,MNG,or someother.It’s expensive for the student budget in my country.
2 You have to catch up with the sales promotions.Nothing gain without pay.If u want to get something cheaper,you have to pay attention to the news.I always attend to the free subscribe in many brands.
3 Remember the time around the end of season sales.If the times closes to be the sales event.You should keep the money and eyes on the stuff you wanna get.If u plan to buy something on that time.You should go to try it before, so when it’s discounted u can grab it quickly.
4 Reference and Inspiration save ur money.Buying without plan is the easiest way to destroy the great budget for buying the value things.You have to research about the style you love or the stuff u want.Don’t be serious.Just keep it flowing from ur mind and let it go.
5 Chictopia is the great source.As I’ve been browse around this site.I got many inspiration from many of you.I suggest u to save the pic and remember the style to mix and match.Sometimes the outfits are only their own signatures so u have to match it and define ur own look.

I think all of these will be helpful to all chictopian =)

Can i have the comments to share about how to get the great stuff in the low price from u ?

Thank you so much to everyone…
.please know that i am very happy to read all of ur comments.

Comments (16)

lauraL on October 04
love the blouse :) and great tips- thankls ! x
alwaysinvogue7 on August 19
OH! so nice! i love those shoes!
annemarie on August 08
Love the top and shoes, really cute
runwaydiva on August 08
I can totally relate to your post! I practice all of these esp nos. 2 and 3. I remember by heart when sale season starts! it's so fun going through sale racks! and really I'ma big fan of thrifting! :) The joys of living in a developing country! Haha! oh, I love the laces!
districtofchic on August 07
What a beautiful lace blouse!
Guatencanta on August 07
i love the post and the cute pic that goes with!
lissakahayon on August 07
I love the lace top!!!
xovicks on August 07
Loving the lace top.
aya on August 06
aw, such a sweet & feminine look. your outfits are always so cute!
UnoCosa on August 06
what a beautiful lace top..... you look so so fresh and beautiful!!! and nice tips ;-) btw: i am adding you as my "Favorite Chictopia" :-) i love to see your pretty smile everyday, xoxo
0909jackie on August 06
brilliant tips! I do the same thing too, i now buy almost everything at a discount :) i love this outfit too, the lace is lovely xxx
cereza_liebe on August 06
i want ur topn shoes.. they area awesome!
youwhos on August 06
Love your lacy shirt and your shoes!!! I would love to have those items in my closet!
jeroy on August 06
that white blouse is ssooo cute !! :D
Soulclaire on August 06
thank you ....the lace is only on my i begin to cut on the edge of it
KaitSims on August 06
I love your top! I can't believe it was a dress! Thanks for the great tips ;)
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