Living with fickleness - Part one

Updated on Sep 03, 2008

Comments (16)

Haunt5r on March 08
LOVE THIS! super cute :)
Jujubabyy on April 27
thankssss for the advice and your outfit is amazinggggggggg!!!!!!!!!! xo
cait_51 on November 03
oh god, you are too right. i literally agree with all of this! I swear buying stuff is an addiction, i went two weeks without buying something and then i did and went on a spree. and i totally get what you mean about not feeling right in girly/coloured stuff!
taperjean on September 07
your really good at this. great outfit!
CoverMe on September 07
These are great tips! I think I'll aim for a month...maybe instead I'll work out instead of shop...or not! Great tips anyway!
anitadb on September 07
i stick to a "never more than 60 euros per month" rule. 60 is probably still too much tho:P
rainelyn on September 05
its strange now that i think about it because i go shopping all the time BUT i wear the same favorite pieces all the time. hm. this post definitely has some good advice, thanks!
lydia on September 04
Great advice...With school I see very little shopping in my near future. It's sad, but exciting because I might actually become more creative in my choice when I get dressed! =D
notnaked on September 04
the worst is when an element of your personal style becomes a trend and you find yourself saying "i've been doing that for years" and then you want to stop cause others start. this is when you gotta tell yourself to stick to you.
Tali on September 03
so necessary, this article. like u have no idea lol
Tali on September 03
and thats sooo true. When I wasn't shopping simply because I was too busy, my style was very comfrotable and I got the most compliments, I think because I was dressing like myself and it showed.
aiisHi on September 03
i loove ur style :D
jenesaisquoi on September 03
i looove this pic of you! sometimes i don't WANT to buy trends even if i like them, like plaid shirts. i think they look awesome though. maybe i'll give in!
pwincessbebe on September 03
me too, rarely wear something bright/colorful/girly, it's just not me. sometimes i really want to to look just as girly as other girl in my town, but then i realized, what i wear now, is really fit me. so i enjoy it and explore more to find my own style. thanks for the tips ;)
Faithieee on September 03
I'm always shopping loads and loads! Nowadays I do my best to buy things that I know I can wear with many other things.. So even though I shop a lot, I still wear a lot of my clothes :)
plastikneon on September 03
That really helps! I've stopped getting TeenVogue and other magazines because refraining from looking at the new styles helps me not shop so much.
laurel on September 03
truely great post. perhaps one of my favorite ugly posts yet! its a good reminder for blog readers, because people do so quickly succumb to trends, including me

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