living with fickleness - part two

Updated on Sep 07, 2008

Comments (17)

lookfortheoccasion on May 22
fun photo
EvaLavender on July 12
awesome shoes!
arthur77 on January 29
lienrebecca on January 07
Love love love the shoes!!!
chemical_smiles on September 24
ahh! the dress, the shoes - good god, the shoes! love the outfit, and love the tips too - definitely agree with the investment pieces.
WorldUgly on September 26
love the shoes too. hardly ever wear them though as they're probably my least comfortable pair
Milena on September 11
Complete Agree. Just say that i foung u here, and then read your blog some days ago, and i love it. Good taste of fashion and lovely style. Nice to find u. :*
WorldUgly on September 26
thanks! and likewise
mnavoy on September 09
i just sold loads of clothes to plato's closet and got $20 i don't feel better :(
snowbunny on September 08
that is so true! quality things last me for years and years (as long as i fit them!) lol~
EnglishRose on September 08
I completely agree. I am borderline obsessive at making lists. I make them for outfits I want to wear, clothes I want to buy and general lust lists. It really helps me not buy crap I don't need as I don't deal very well with spontanious buys and end up with a wardrobe full of cheap, cluttered crap I never wear *cheap primark dresses especially!!
WorldUgly on September 26
i try to avoid that place. so much temptation and i know i'll only wear things once or twice
AlinaL on September 07
this post helps a lot thank you!
lholowaychuk on September 07
yup. perfect. shoes + dress.
littlemissR on September 07
love the dress! great tips too
bnosaires on September 07
PERFECT outfit!
rainelyn on September 07
do used...err previously loved, clothes sell well? you probably don't have a problem with this but what about for ebay newbies sans a popular fashion blog like meee? uh does this comment sound whiny? oops : )
WorldUgly on September 26
well if all your clothes are well worn then you're lucky you got some good use out of them! alternatively, erm, just call them vintage
maitabaello on September 07
agree with all your tips. love your dress btw
lulu on September 07
I agree. Your own closet is the best store you could shop in.
WorldUgly on September 26
i'd rather shop in yours.
jenesaisquoi on September 07
you look amazing! excellent tips, i definitely need to set aside a freaking week to go through all my shit! xo
WorldUgly on September 26
tell me about it! same here

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