Bohemian Rhapsody

Updated on Sep 28, 2008
Zara vest - Mango top - Zara skirt - Anthem shoes
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

I went to do some errands today and was feeling very La Vie Boheme kudos to the musicals I’ve been watching day in and day out at home. I’m still not allowed to go to work so I basically have a lot of time on my hands to run around on daily hospital trips and this is the third straight day I found myself in the same hospital!!!! It was a bad day but my iron man stage is gone and the holter monitor which made dressing so not fun was removed so I got to spruce up my outfit choice and I decided to go tribal global bohemian!

I bought these pieces on different season (about a 2 year gap) from the same store. I loved how everything worked and how perfectly they seem to fit like they were made to be a set- the vest and the skirt!

My boyfriend said it was very sixties (I don’t) and he commented that I was era-dressing and that he expects me to wear something seventies inspired tomorrow (which I won’t to make it not something he expected..haha, evil girlfriend that I am!)

I have to admit, about 4 years ago, when the bohemian look became popular and everyone was wearing it, I actually got sick of seeing it. It was too much boho inspired clothes…ALL OVER!

And it actually went from chic to overkill and cliche since it came to the point that it seemed like it was vomited everywhere and I really hated it when mass retail stores started to make it too cutesy and combined it with different trends as well (like when lace was added with sequins on a boho top or when it took a wrong turn to using bubble gum colors rather than the earthy palette we all know and love)

I know most of us felt this way since I heard a lot of people especially from my sister’s camp complaining about it. And I’m glad we all outgrew that stage (I was guilty of overkill bohemian too!) an bounced back with the Tribal/ Global/ Ethnic influences this 2008!

It’s more restrained now and more sophisticated- sticking strictly to truly tribal accents, materials, prints, colors and accessories!

I tried this out and I liked it! The theme was kind of black and a lot of studs but I added the white tank top to accent my vest and my skirt’s red and gold details. I kept it simple with no bangles and accessories like a necklace since I wanted the studs to be the main feature of the outfit rather than a necklace/ bracelet even it matched superbly!

What Inspired my Look…

Trend: Bohemian Rhapsody
Boho style is refreshed, acquiring new ethnic accents and a more precious touch. Fashion’s crossing Eastern Europe, but also India, Peru and Mexico. The colors are merged into another, the cultures are combined, while imagination is blossoming. Wear with pride the traditional items of your ethnicity and mix it with other ethnic elements.

Globe-trotting trends borrow elements from African, Asian & East Indian fashion like tribal prints, safari clothes, bold colors and patterns, chunky jewelry and turbans.

The global village of fashion is one of the hottest places to be this spring, and designers primed your wardrobe for a safari adventure with a wild assortment of African field jackets, safari suits, zebra and leopard prints, khaki, and chunky tribal jewelry. And round out the style with a dash of colonial military attire. Once you’ve had a taste of tribal styles, the fashion powers that be sent you off to the Far East for a taste of Bollywood glam.

The global fusion fashion trend juxtaposes earthy neutrals with brilliant ethnic influences, and makes for an exciting ride.

Spot It: The tribal trend consists of strong, graphic prints (black and white graphics mixed with darker prints is a recognizable element) combined with warm, earthy tones (black, browns, deep reds and oranges) and natural accents (straw, wood). Safari looks usually have a khaki jacket, belted with front pockets.

Wear It: Because the prints are often oversized and strong, they work best on simple shapes (shift dress, tunic) or in soft, draped fabrics (cotton gauze). Natural accents… a wood armful of bangles or a beaded cuff…or matte (not shiny) metallics set off the look perfectly.

Comments (14)

NathaliaV on August 01
bjkdAnc3r on March 19
cute shoes!!!
tahda on October 30
cool vest!
joannaladrido on November 03
thank you so much!
CalamityJem on September 23
Funky outfit!
joannaladrido on September 24
thank you so much =)
KyrasThreads on September 23
Your style is so fresh! and different
joannaladrido on September 23
Haha thank you so much!!!! =)
Nanny on September 22
This is adorable! I love how you tuned the boho look down with simple cuts and accessories!
joannaladrido on September 22
thank you so much =) i was aiming for a subdued look =) haha
thelovelyolivia on September 20
LOVE that vest!
joannaladrido on September 20
Thank you soooo much =) I love it toooo!!!!
fifthofapril on September 20
Omgosh I've been searching forever for that Zara vest and they never had my size. It looks fab on you :)
joannaladrido on September 20
Thanks! =) Sorry for that! The vest sold like hotcakes seriously Im thankful I got to snag one!
Keu on September 20
lov the shoes!!!!!!
joannaladrido on September 20
xelayu on September 19
im about to get high heeled gladys too:D yey, looking great:)!!!
joannaladrido on September 20
loves it!!!!
tofumama on September 19
likeeee itttt!!!
joannaladrido on September 20
scenestealer on September 19
Love the vest and of course those killer shoes! Agree, Bohemian looks great only when not everyone you see gets dolled up with the same theme. And only when worn by the right people. HAHAHA.
joannaladrido on September 20
Thanks so much! hahahaha you know it!!! =) it went bohemian overkill for some time and then it simmered down, thank God!
fartsy on September 19
i'm still trying to figure out how to pull off a bohemian style. i love the details on ur outfit!
joannaladrido on September 20
thank you so much =) i suggest you stick with basic tribal colors =)
queenelizabeth on September 19
The gold detailing on the skirt and vest is so pretty!
joannaladrido on September 20
Thank you so much! They're goldish bronze sequins!
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