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Updated on Jul 12, 2010
pink shirt - black cardigan - blue shorts - black shoes
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Alejandro-Lady Gaga

I apologize in advance cause this will be a long-winded entry, so if you bare with me thanks!

So I’ve had a couple of firsts lately! One, me and one of my amazing friends from class have started working out together regularly! Her goal is to lose weight, mine is to just get fit and be healthy, it makes me feel good. And second….DRUMROLL….I GOT MY FIRST TATTOO! I’ve been thinking about getting some for such a long time but I thought I wanted to wait for my 21st birthday (which is next month) and I wasn’t even sure which one I wanted, I have too many ideas haha So, one night I’m just hanging out with my boyfriend and he jumps up and goes "Babe, lets go get tattoos!’ My immediate thought is “This kids gone crazy.” However, after much deliberation I finally thought “You know, you only live once. Why the hell not?” So yeah….there is now a little tattoo of a cross on my shoulder blade :) It’s nothing too insane or elaborate, later I want to add onto it in Hebrew, “You will never walk alone.”

And now that leads me into my on-again boyfriend! Let me just start waaaaaay back at the beginning. So, my boyfriends name is Alejandro (aka Alex) and when I met him…I actually had a boyfriend. I had a jogging class at school with him but never really talked to him, until one day we both managed to show up late and everyone else had already started running around the lake. So we’re walking beside each other and its super awkwardly silent and me, being the little social butterfly that I am, just HAD to break the ice. What’s the first thing I think of to say? “Psh, nice shoes” I said this because he happened to be wearing Vans…to a RUNNING class. Then he looks me up and down and says “Yeah, nice socks” because I hadn’t realized when I left the house that my socks didn’t match. Awesome start.

After spending every other day walking/jogging together for class we started to realize we had a lot in common with each other and I caught myself thinking about him a lot. Which was AWFUL considering I had a boyfriend at the time. So every single day I would just pray that Alex was gay haha! I know, thats really bad. But it was the only way I could make myself not feel guilty for simply talking to him. Alex slowly began to pursue me more; he’d visit me at work, talk to me on Facebook, and even go out of his way to come see me if I was studying at Starbucks, even though he hates the smell of coffee. It got the point that I seriously had stronger feelings for him than my boyfriend, we clicked so well together and he made me laugh, which was something my boyfriend lacked. So after a month or two of meeting Alex I called things off with my boyfriend. Almost immediately after breaking up with my ex, me and Alex began spending almost all our time together, but we decided not to “officially date” until a few months later because I didn’t feel right jumping from one boyfriend to the next.

Before we started dating I knew Alex drank some and smoked weed occasionally, but I didn’t really mind. That’s definitely not my thing, but as long as I wasn’t around I didn’t see the harm. Well….I spoke too soon, because weed quickly escalated to harder drugs and more alcohol, and that led to a ton of fights between us. He kept telling me he wanted to quit and I always tried to help but then he’d change his mind. It was seriously a rollercoaster of him doing all the crap he could, then back to being completely clean, then right back to doing all the crap he could. In the end, it got to where he hardly remembers any of his last two weeks of school and I’d had enough. We fought. Terribly. By far the worst fight I’ve ever had with anyone. I don’t remember what exactly was said, I just remember it was all so heartbreaking. We called it quits and he moved home for the summer, but we still talked everyday and he decided to get help while he was at home. After about two months of us constantly being there for each other on his journey to get clean, he came home and we decided we couldn’t be apart. We love each other, and its almost impossible to let someone go and deal with things on their own when you care so much for them.

Alejandro and I have actually been back together for about a month, but I never told anyone but close friends and family because I considered it a “trial run.” I wanted to make sure he was really going to work at staying clean, and he has, and things have been absolutely perfect. He’s finally got his head screwed on straight and knows how to handle what life throws at him. Maybe it’s the Social Worker in me, but I love that broken down, confused, mess of a boy I call mi Alejandro :)

Thanks for reading and have a great week ladies and gents! XOXO

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lilypad0303 on July 23
I love this! So simple and chic :)
Style_Journey on July 12
loooovely casual outfit, dear!! l so love that electric color on your top and those shorts and cardi look so cute put togetjer!! pink looks cool with your blonde hair ;) chic voted xx
joannaladrido on July 12
love the purple!
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