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Updated on Aug 23, 2010
red Blue Asphalt top - black Forever 21 shorts - black Forever 21 vest - black F
Red-blue-asphlat-top-black-forever-21-shorts-black-forever-21-vest-black-f Red-blue-asphlat-top-black-forever-21-shorts-black-forever-21-vest-black-f Red-blue-asphlat-top-black-forever-21-shorts-black-forever-21-vest-black-f Red-blue-asphlat-top-black-forever-21-shorts-black-forever-21-vest-black-f Red-blue-asphlat-top-black-forever-21-shorts-black-forever-21-vest-black-f
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RoswellVixen 's Thoughts:

So today i have decided to post 10 things about myself so that you fellow Chictopians can get to know me a little better.

1) My real name is Taryn. It is always getting pronounced wrong lol Its pronounced like Karyn, but with a T instead of a K so like “Tearin’ Paper” LOL

2) The origin of my screen name: I get asked so many times if I’m from “Roswell” no i am not, ive actually never been there. The reason behind my screen name is that i am a HUGE fan of the TV show Roswell (it ended years ago) and i was trying to pick a screen name for messenger that wasn’t already taken and thus RoswellVixen was born lol

3) I love all different genres of music & have over 6 thousand songs on my ipod of which i carefully have separated into different genre playlists to my liking. (yeah im a freak, i know lol) It keeps it organized so that whenever im in a mood for a certain genre of music there it is all set for me. :)

4) I have way too many boots! For some reason i am a boot obsessed freak. there’s just something about them that lures me in. And the more badass they look, the happier they make me. Maybe its because i feel like a rockstar in them ;) lol

5) I love horror movies! not the super gory (lets rip everyone apart but forget about the plot) ones, the ones that make you constantly rethink things trying to figure out whats going on. ones that get your mind going. i also love action/thrillers too. Not a big fan of romance movies.

6) Keeping with the movie topic… my favorite movies are: Joy Ride (the one with Paul Walker), Labyrinth (love David Bowie in that!), Inception, Evolution, Batman Begins, Dead Silence, and Dirty Dancing (i wore out 4 VHS tapes of that when i was younger i used to watch it SO much lol)

7) My natural hair color is actually a medium brown but ive been dying it red since middle school. ive been told i look best with red hair and i agree. i think it suits my skintone and personality best and its something different from all the blondes and brunettes around here.

8) My favorite celebrity is Jensen Ackles. he is the most gorgeous man alive and such a great actor. If i could id marry him in a heartbeat! :P

9) I’m 24 years old but people always think im still a teenager. One time i got carded to see Final Destination 3 LOL and the sad part was that i didnt have my ID with me so my younger brother (who was 15!) had to buy me my ticket because hes so frickin tall nobody ever questions his age! lol

10) The one Chictopian who’s style i think has influenced me the most since first joining this site is Cindy. i’ve always loved the rocker look and she is AMAZING with it! I’d LOVE to have her wardrobe! That girl knows how to accessorize! :)

ok so those are my 10 things about me. hope it helped you get to know me a little better :)

oh, and my last picture on here is of me with my dvds of Roswell :P yeah, I’m a NERD… LOL

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Comments (12)

SarahGellar on September 21
I just knew small polka dots were going to hot this year! I love everything your wearing! You look hot! BTW I have the polka dots in pantyhose,thigh high and and stockings! lol
violetheart on August 28
love the red and your tights super cute and chic
artyaffair on August 28
pretty red and black combo! ;)
essenciallyME on August 27
love the look lol i have those tights
angiekje on August 24
LOVELY outfit! I love the striped vest, obviously I love dotted tights :) and red with black/grey will always be one of my favorite combinations :) you sound like me :p the way you organise your music :) 1986 or 1985? :)
RoswellVixen on August 24
oh and thanks! :)
RoswellVixen on August 24
1986 lol yeah my birthday was a couple months ago in June.
TotalCHIC on August 24
deathbyplatforms on August 24
cool look!
Squarectomy on August 24
Love the tights paired with this. Love Grace.
Jazza on August 24
love thedress :) awesome tights btw!
candydoll on August 23
pretty dress!
charchelle27 on August 23
love your outfit!
libys11 on August 23
looking good in red!! :D
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