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Updated on Sep 05, 2010
brown Kouture By Kimora Lee dress - silver Steve Madden shoes - silver Forever 2
Brown-koutoure-by-kimora-lee-dress-silver-steve-madden-shoes-silver-forever- Brown-koutoure-by-kimora-lee-dress-silver-steve-madden-shoes-silver-forever- Brown-koutoure-by-kimora-lee-dress-silver-steve-madden-shoes-silver-forever- Brown-koutoure-by-kimora-lee-dress-silver-steve-madden-shoes-silver-forever- Brown-koutoure-by-kimora-lee-dress-silver-steve-madden-shoes-silver-forever-
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trinnah 's Thoughts:

The reason we were in Dallas was because my husband’s cousin was getting married. We were part of the entourage, being secondary sponsors. Our job was to light the candles next to the unity candle in the beginning of the wedding. It was nerve-wrecking because we were the very first ones to walk in because we had to “start” the ceremony, per se. I was nervous. When I get nervous, my feet and hands start sweating, so I was nervous that once I started sweating, my feet would start sliding, and the shoes would start hurting.

It did.

Finding the right chocolate colored dress for a wedding was difficult so was finding the right shoes to match with it. I had a challenge in front of me.

For months, I had already been searching for the right dress and the shoes to match with it. One day, I was surfing the Macy’s website, and I saw this dress by Kimora Lee. I started laughing, “The perfect color but would I really look good in the dress?” It’s tight. Skin-tight. Every bulge, every adipose tissue sticking out - to be accentuated by the dress and its material. It was on sale. $24.99. Plus, the whole 15% off with the Macy’s card.

I’m not a big fan of brown, so I thought if I bought a dress to only wear once, I shouldn’t spend so much. It was the perfect amount, so I bought it. I bought it a size smaller. I told myself that I was going to work out to look “better” in it.

Two weeks before the wedding, I started slacking off. When I first put on the dress before the wedding, I was panicking. I hadn’t brought a back-up dress, so however it was going to look, I was going to have to wear it.

And I did.

Once I got the dress issue out of the way, it was time to find the right shoes to match. With all the shoes that I have, can you believe that I don’t have any gray, silver, or metallic shoes that would go perfectly with a brown dress? I was searching high and low. I went to DSW with my sister. I went to Macy’s (my #1 store for shoes). I even searched online. I found plenty of shoes that I love with price tags that were unrealistic. Like the dress, I didn’t want to just buy any metallic shoe to match it just for the wedding. I wanted something I could also wear in the future but with an affordable price tag. I was getting worried.

But then I found one.

My husband wanted to buy a new suit for the wedding because his old slacks were too short. (I guess he grew?) He decided to check out Burlington Coat Factory. After all, they have a great array of designer suits at a cheaper price. While he was searching for suits, I decided to go to my favorite section — the shoes. While I was there, I found the perfect metallic pumps for $29.99. They’re the ones you see me wearing. When did I find these shoes? The day before we left for Dallas. Talk about cutting it short. :)

The lesson of my long-winded story? Patience is a virtue. Don’t rush.

The right item will come to you, and it will be perfect when you just let yourself love an item that you’re planning to wear and not just buy it because it’s getting close to crunch time and you think you’re not gonna find anything else. :)

I picked my mom’s dress. I think she looks amazing in it. I love the design on the top part of the dress. :) And, of course, I included a picture of my husband in his suit. He doesn’t need my help getting dressed. He’s got his own preppy with a twist style that I love.

Comments (41)

Jasiferlionsclub on September 23
You look stunning!
Tea_Loving_Noemie on September 10
what amazing shoes!
whodfuc on September 09
Nice story, but it doesn't mention that you look incredible. That dress is amazing on you. Epic shoes
springfiry on September 09
Lovely dress!!
damselindistress on September 08
nice blog about how u went shoe hunting! lovin the dress n shoes are fab!
HannahEvangeline on September 08
angelgo03 on September 08
lov the shoes
Aphrodite on September 08
gorgeousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great dress and i really love the color!!! Fab shoes too! CHIC!!
Florrosada12 on September 07
Very cute couture!
rhoucheille on September 07
you looked stunning! and the mom too :-)
yesieQ on September 06
JAELA on September 06
the_ed on September 06
You made a lovely decision on both your dress and your mom's. I think you will be able to wear your dress again because of it's style. It's sometimes really difficult to wear special occasion dresses more than once, but the most versatile dresses will be the ones that have an elegant shape and minimal details. But above all else, the most versatile dress will be something you feel attractive in.
Pink_Champagne on September 06
those shoes are amazing!!!
lissakahayon on September 06
nice shoes!
headbandit on September 06
Cute shoes!
vevevea on September 06
thats such a lovely dress!!
aika_Gay on September 06
so sexy :D
joannaladrido on September 06
pretty bodycon dress! love it on u!
fauxfur on September 06
Sounds hectic but you pulled it off! Sexy!
goldencor on September 06
Great dress!!
butterfliesandkisses on September 06
great shoes
cayeconcepcion on September 06
i loveu in that dress!!!it's is skin tight but u still look SO GORGEOUS IN THAT DRESS!!!!i love the fit on u!!SUPER SEXY!!!
amoebaeinwedges on September 06
love those shoes. CHIC VOTED!!!!!
Style_Journey on September 06
wow, dear! that dress is just amazing!! gorgeous color and it suits you like a glow!! stunning shoes too!! you look so stylish and elegant! well done! chic voted<333
sininanimikay on September 05
Wow! You look fabulous in that dress! The shoes are unbelievably pretty. Your mom and your husband look good. By the way, brown suits you.
mizmay on September 05
so sexy but yet so elegant! The color is so perfect n you! You look wonderful,dear!
mieke on September 05
you look amazing i that dress!! :D the shoes is perfect too!! nice picked dress for mommy and both you and husband look good with each other!!! :D
JodiElizabeth on September 05
you dress is so pretty!!!!
Laura86 on September 05
love your dress!
dorotron on September 05
too hot to handle! great dress, great shoes! very chic!
folle_femme on September 05
aziren on September 05
i like your outfit dear! :)
patriss on September 05
your shoes are gorgeous, i like the dress great color, chic!!!
Freesiablog on September 05
Wow gorgeous lady !!!!!! you look fantastic, that color looks good on you and the shoes amazing!!!
maryiangge on September 05
awesome shoes and dress! now you need to stop buying shoes hehe
libys11 on September 05
wow!!!! very sexy and classy!! :D
deathbyplatforms on September 05
very sexy but tasteful and chic. love the silver pumps! seems like you're losing weight dear...but you look good!
avate on September 05
you really look great in that dress! the silver shoes is a nice match to brown..who knew?:D
nix on September 05
wow, you look great! the shoes are fab! :)
cityofbugs on September 05
you look seriously gorgeous in that dress! and the shoes are to die for! your mum and husband also look lovely :) chic all round!
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