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Updated on Nov 02, 2010
brown Charlotte Russe cardigan - gray joey shoes - blue Forever 21 shirt
Blue-forever-21-shirt-brown-charlotte-russe-cardigan-gray-joey-shoes Blue-forever-21-shirt-brown-charlotte-russe-cardigan-gray-joey-shoes Blue-forever-21-shirt-brown-charlotte-russe-cardigan-gray-joey-shoes Blue-forever-21-shirt-brown-charlotte-russe-cardigan-gray-joey-shoes
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trinnah 's Thoughts:

I’ve gained weight. I can feel it when I put on my clothes, and I can see it when I look in the mirror. All that is fine and dandy because I can adjust to weight gain, and I usually start wearing baggier clothes and just put a belt here and there to still add a waistline.

That’s not really what I’m worried about at this point.

I can feel my weight gain with my activity tolerance.

I used to be able to run 3-5 miles non-stop in 30-50 mins. That means I usually do a 10 minute mile, which is pretty good if you’re running long distance. I used to do 20 miles on the stationary bike, ab workout, p90x, etc.

Now, I have a hard time waking up in the morning. I have a hard time getting out of bed. When I get to work, I’m already drained, and I get even more drained at work.

Before, when I used to run before work, my endorphins level would be so high because I had just finished running at home on the treadmill.

Now, I feel myself feeling out of breath after a transfer to a different floor. I feel myself getting shortness of breath just going up the stairs in the house, and I find myself breathing loudly. I start having pains on the side, and I feel like I’m starting to have reflux due to my intake.

I just need to get back to my healthy state. I need to get back to the days when I can just run 3 miles daily like it was nothing, do some weights, and finish 500 crunches like it’s nothing.

I want to get back to that.

I have to make a pact with myself that starting tomorrow, I’m going to start working out again. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to start eating healthy. Starting tomorrow, I’m not going to eat munchies. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to motivate myself again. Starting tomorrow, I will start saying, “I’m gonna start this today.” Instead of saying, “Starting tomorrow . . .”

Comments (35)

Ari_Ari on September 01
nice :)
bubblebumblebee on November 14
I love your shoes!!!
Ellia on November 07
This is so casual and yet so cute!
Redchyna on November 05
Kudos on wanting to be healthy!! I recently started a running program, and I love that runner's high you get afterwards. BTW, I think you look amazing, as is!
maryiangge on November 05
simply chic!
alyssakp on November 05
loooove this outfit! especially the shoes!
Style_Journey on November 05
this looks so classy and chic, dear! those shoes are just stunning and l looove the colors mix too!! gorgeous brown on your cardi too! perfect for fall :D
patriss on November 05
LOve that cardi. I like the shoes print and color, chic!!!!
Laura86 on November 05
those shoes are so hot!
enigmasupernova on November 05
fab shoes! love it ((:
hellokmac on November 04
girl, i feel ya! i went to the doctor this week for my annual physical and was (sadly) not surprised about my own weight gain. it's gonna be a tough road getting back into shape, but WE CAN DO IT!!
trinnah on November 05
Thank you! And yes, we can do it! I love how Chictopia always pushes and inspires me. :)
MsShamz on November 04
hun, i encourage you in this process. It's hard but you seem motivated so good luck! p.s llooooveeeee your shoes!
whodfuc on November 04
Girl, you look amazing!! Love how you paired that easy, casual outfit with the poppin plats to spice things up!!! Now about your post, all the experts say, a path of change 1st starts with realization then acceptance! Sounds like you are there! Even thou you look great, if you want to change (in whatever way), you can do it!! One day at a time!! You go now!!! Hugs
trinnah on November 05
Thank you so much! During the day, I really wore sandals around the house but once we left, I put on the heels. :)
butterfliesandkisses on November 04
love the shoes
ShopgirlJen on November 04
fab shoes!! i felt the same months ago. i cut back some "unhealthy" food. relax :) if you need to see a doctor do so. hope you'll feel better soon! :)
trinnah on November 05
Thank you! :) I see doctors all the time at work, so I've been asking them for advice. :)
JoeyLiong on November 04
love your heels girl
mieke on November 03
i think you just need to relax more..:D I love the color combination and your shoes rocks! <3
crystaldots on November 03
you look great nonetheless!
LapinNoir on November 03
sorry to hear you are not feeling like yourself lately :( i admire your attitude though (even though i think you look great, kudos to you for aspiring to be healthy!)!! chic outfit of course! love the blue & brown together & these shoes are perfect with this! :D
WeMoveVintage on November 03
cute shoes and cardigan!
Miss_Mary on November 03
Great casual look. Love ur shoes def made the outfit look fab:)
aarrieta on November 03
Oh, the shoes! Nice colors. Ease back into exercising and everything else (eating habits, energy, etc.) will fall back into place. Don't beat yourself up; it's self-defeating. Try and not to think about what you used to be able to do, but what you can do and who you are TODAY. You look great! (Oh, and I'm a runner, a slow one at that. :) )
trinnah on November 05
Thank you so much! I am slowly easing into it. I've been alternating the bike and the running, but it's been pretty easy getting back into it. Easier than I though it would be. It's probably all mental. Haha! Thanks again!
JAELA on November 03
Nice and it
charchelle27 on November 03
your shoes pump up your look! love it!
JennaStevie on November 03
I love this casual look, so cute, and those heels are absolutly amazing! You look fantastic whether you've gained weight or not. The gym is all about pushing yourself, I go 3-4times a week because it keeps my stress down. It's hard to start again but I did after my surgery and you will be back to running that much in no time flat!
trinnah on November 05
I've felt my stress go down since I've been running, so I definitely love it. :) Thank so much!
hiza173 on November 03
casual but the heels make it chic :) good luck with you plan to get healthy again, I need to do the same thing! I live in the middle of nowhere, I wish I had access to a gym, but that's no excuse for not working out!
trinnah on November 05
I know what you mean. I usually have an array of excuses that I tell myself, but you're right, there shouldn't be an excuse to trying to be healthy and working out. Thank you!
chyrelg on November 03
i really love your shoes. :)
juniee111 on November 03
you look great !! love those shoes...
bellavanite on November 03
i want to raid your shoe cabinet!!!! I'd definitely grab this pair! I was thinking of going back to the gym too..but rather than your goal on being healthy, i just really need to lose some extra pounds. hahaha.. good luck to the both of us.
trinnah on November 05
Hahaha! I think they go hand in hand, right? So it works both way for us. Haha! So definitely good luck to both of us!
SaffronHaze on November 03
You look great as usual! You don't look like you've gained any weight but if you're feeling it then all the more reason to get back into a good routine! Good luck with it =) I'm sure you'll get back on the bike in no time!
trinnah on November 05
Thank you! I'm pretty good at hiding it sometimes with the baggy clothes. Haha! :)
mandigarcia on November 03
looove those shoes <3
cityofbugs on November 02
i love the brown and blue together, and the snake print shoes are gorgeous! i think you are a strong person and you will reach your goals if you put the work in. you still look amazing! x
trinnah on November 05
Thank you so much. :)
missioncloset on November 02
cute shoes!
Mrscarlasia on November 02
The colors are great. I want those shoes!:)
kingsibulo on November 02
Love the shoes! :)
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