just don't call me a recessionista, ok?

Updated on Jan 20, 2009

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ninalou22 on April 19
if u thots are stuck on being skint... you will be skint ! think ABUNDANCE!!!!!!! money comes easily a frequently!!!!
kaytielee on March 26
Recessionista , I dont like it as well. Nonetheless i like your tiger pose!
eastcoast on March 16
Yes, I do hate it! That word I mean.
Carolkrina on February 12
I love your stule, and the picture of "crossed primmak! I hate it!! Pls accept me like friend!!
maggiemay on February 10
i hate the word recessionista, if primark is your thing then great. its not mine. look and think outside the box in terms of the places where you look for clothing.i've found some of my favourite pieces in the mkst unexpected places. use it to define your style, BE CREATIVE
xs_ on January 29
your rarrrh tiger pose is great.
laughingatthemasses on January 24
The word is stupid to me because I have my habits which happen to be working on a students budget! I buy what I want when i can where I can! when your walking to the register just think about it your going to walk put worrying about how to pay for it or something else it aint worth it! look in your closet and get creative!
Chomy on January 23
Ppl just need to stop looking for others for inspiration and just inspire themselves. different stroke for different folks. if buying 10 dresses for the price of 1 is your thing, why not do it! ppl are too buzy trying to ascribe to all these quasi expert advice, that they stop pleasing themselves. Buy what u want, if it looks good to you, bump evyone else, who gives a shit how much u paid.
Miss_Woo on January 22
The word to recessionista is so cringe worthy something inside me dies, a lot, everytime I hear it. and yes, NO to Primark! (apart from tights..which are okay...) x
birdy on January 21
i don't know but all these sales are killing me! fabulous outfit btw :)
aliwishesbear on January 21
enjoyed reading this entry! i always try to find things my friends don't have or won't wear!
Laura on January 21
love this look!!
Pink_Champagne on January 21
Rocio on January 21
gorgeous!!! i love it!!
EverybodyIsUgly on January 21
Hate. That. Word.
alisyabangs on January 21
i love your dress
fashioncappuccino on January 20
Love your black dress!
joannaladrido on January 20
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! love the blog entry too!!!!!
Anj on January 20
I've never come across the word recessionista, but just comparing the definition from the pub quiz and your definition just proves to me further that people can be so-above-the-surface-shallow; People do understand deeper words ya know! I've been wanting to spend more & more each day.but haven't bought anything.yet.Online shopping should get me through this, so no thanks primark! great article btw
muffster on January 20
you're so right, the recession doesn't have to mean dressing only in outfits from the local oxfam shop (aka old primark crap primarily), but it's a great reason to rework your old wardrobe in a new way. chictopia is an awesome inspiration for credit crunch stylings! x
Liat on January 20
I agree with your defention of the word much more than th eone your pub quiz gave.
Goldcoatedapple on January 20
Im coping fine! Ha better than ever as Im taking advantage of all the glorious sales STILL going on =]
farsprinsesse on January 20
Love that dress!!

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