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Updated on Jul 15, 2008

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lookfortheoccasion on May 22
cute outfit
K9jenn on December 30
I like your necklace!
lely on November 13
I like it very much! faving it!
MoreLoveForMe on July 07
love your shoes!
Kaytlynn on August 26
where did u get those shows from? loveeee them and this whole outfit!
Gloc on November 03
imugly on July 26
i love the first photo! jeans, shirt, shoes and HAIR!
LaPetiteSophie on July 21
J'aime ... hihi Kiss from France
Miss_Woo on July 18
Us Brits definitely need a special guide for festival dress, considering the (8 out of 10!) horrible weather! Last year I only bought summer clothes to Reading..it was tres cold.
WorldUgly on July 19
disaster! it's ridiculous how cold it gets at night especially.
SaraLouise on July 18
great tips! when I went I panicked and threw everything in at the last minute, and what did I forget?a raincoat!
WorldUgly on July 19
ha, well it is kind of an essential. hope you didn't get much rain.
helenz (@helenzhu) on July 16
great post! looking forward to attending a british festival soon.
WorldUgly on July 19
great. don't forget your wellies!
GirlAboutTown on July 16
I love this story! I've never been to a big outdoor festival, but there is one coming up soon and now i know exactly what to wear! and that picture of that lady made me laugh so much! thanks for everything
WorldUgly on July 16
thanks, so glad you liked it. hope you have fun at your festival.
lulu on July 15
I love that you have the Kanye West glasses but with the middle part taken out for purposes of seeing. I totally agree about the side saddle bag (across the body). Actually, for LIFE. I don't see how people can get by without one.
WorldUgly on July 16
i know! and lenses too. they're not actually my glasses of course. they belong to my friend. i've no idea where he found them.
medicineforluck on July 15
Ahhh..yes I've always worn tights to one of these. :) That jester hat...*puke
WorldUgly on July 15
i know, those hats are so so so bad. don't see them quite so much these days, thank god.

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